I've shared a lot of advice and information to help you choose your next social media management tool.

So let me list the most crucial things to keep in mind.

Determine ROI

First, make sure that you’ve considered the bottom line impact that the new tool will have on the business, and include actual facts and figures if at all possible.

Will the new tool:

  • Save you / the business time? Approximately how much?
  • Provide additional capabilities? How will that help the business?
  • Save you / the business money? Approximately how much?
  • Solve an existing problem or perceived need?

The easiest way to get to Yes is to demonstrate that a new tool will ultimately save the company money and/or improve the company’s revenue, making it an obvious investment.

Make The Tool Relatable

Second, be prepared to discuss and present the new tool in a way that leadership can understand and appreciate. If, for instance, they are not involved in social media management themselves at all, they likely will not understand the benefit of a “Hashtag Finder feature” so you will need to speak to the actual benefits, not the features themselves. For example, instead say, “This tool will help us bring more visibility to our posts and brand on Instagram.”

Provide Examples

Third, offer specific examples of how others are using the tool. Include case studies from your industry if available, examples of well-known brands that have employed the tool, and, if possible, which competitors are using it.

You might also demonstrate how your use of the tool will give you an advantage on the competition, regardless of what tool they’re currently using.

Implementation Considerations

Fourth, consider what the process of implementing the tool will look like and be prepared to discuss onboarding time, implementation cost, potential migration concerns, differences in features or processes from any existing tools, and any other aspects of taking on a new tool.

Obtain Knowledge

Whenever possible, you should sign up for a free trial and obtain a great demo of the social media tool to bring your understanding of the tool to a reasonable level.

You will essentially be the tool’s advocate to your business, and you must be prepared to answer basic questions about the tool’s features. Most social media management tool vendors will have free trials, demos, and sales staff in place to assist you through this process.

Armed with this information and the right approach, your chances of getting C-Suite buy-in on your new social media management tool will be much higher.

Still not sure which tool to present to your team? Head back over to the comparison tool where you can plug in your requirements and select the best social media management tool for your needs.